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Gutters Unlimited installs seamless gutters in Sebastian. Our area gets on average fifty three inches of rain each year. That is more than four feet of water. You can swim in that much water. It’s as if a full swimming pool was poured over your home. Fortunately it doesn’t all come at once.

Gutter systems are important, although it’s easy to overlook them. Gutters collect rainwater flowing the roof, channels the water and then distributes it away from a structure. Uncontrolled rain runoff can damage a structure, including the slab a house rests on.

A gutter system is simple enough. Rain gutters are basically a trough fastened at the edges of a roof, parallel to the roof line, so water flows off the roof into the gutter. They connect at the corners of a roof and flow into a vertical drainpipe. Oftentimes, the drainpipe will have something of an L shape, with the bottom of the L bent down slightly directing flow away from the structure and the foundation. The term for it is “elbow.”

In higher quality systems, the elbow rests on a splash block, a block that channels the water further away from the foundation. The block is solid, because in heavy rain the water channeled through the drainpipe sometimes emerges with enough force to erode soil. Sometimes the elbow empties into gravel-filled drain channel, but this can be damaged by heavy water flow.

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Gutters can accumulate all kinds of debris. Trees located near a home or business almost guarantees that twigs, leaves, pollen and pine needles will land in gutters. Feathers, seeds, palm berries, dirt and dust can all land in gutters, either directly or washed off the roof by rain water. It may be worth considering covers for your gutters that allow water flow but prevent debris from getting into them. Gutters Unlimited can explain all aspects of a gutter system, and recommend what is most appropriate for your site.

Standard gutters come in short pieces and have to be joined together to form the proper length. These joints are called “seams,” and they are one of the two weak points in the system. Seams can slightly separate over time from expansion and contraction of Florida’s hot season, or separate due to wind. This can in turn cause several kinds of problems. Leaves, twigs and other debris caught up in the water flow can catch on an edge of a separation. This can build up quickly, and can block water flow. A block can lead to a leak, drizzling water onto the side of a house. Blocked flow and debris that builds up increases the weight the gutters carry, and may result in sagging, a downward bend in a section of gutter, disrupting the whole system. Periodic maintenance can often pick up the problem before it becomes serious, but it can occur quickly and become a problem before it’s noticed.

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Standard gutters are held in place by fasteners, usually fixed by screws or nails driven into the long board that forms the edge of the roof and protects the edge of the rafters. This is called the fascia. The screws or nails can work loose in our hot Florida climate, resulting in sag of gutter sections, and loosening of seams. Periodic inspection can catch most of the potential problems, but it takes a professional to catch some of them. Any needed gutter repairs should also be done by a professional.

Seamless gutters solve most of these problems. Seamless gutters are fitted on site for perfect fit. Eliminating the seams eliminates the problems that deteriorating seems can cause. Seamless gutters have fewer but stronger fasteners. There are still some joins at the corners of the roof where gutters connect with the downspouts. Seamless gutters require less maintenance and are going to have fewer problems over the lifetime of your gutter system. They’re a good investment.

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You might not think that it’s important that gutters look good, and that all that’s important is that gutters contribute to the structural integrity of your business or home. In functional terms, that’s true, but gutters that are not well maintained or that clash with a building’s color scheme look out of place and detract from curb appeal. How good a building looks can add to or detract from its value. A business with deteriorating or clashing gutters won’t look so good, and can deter customers. Seamless gutters come in many colors, and can fit well in any color or decorative schemes. Gutters Unlimited works closely with our clients to make sure the project looks good, as well as being expertly installed.

Gutters are made from several different materials. These include galvanized steel, copper, aluminum and vinyl. Properly installed and well maintained gutter systems should have a rather long lifetime. Vinyl can potentially last more than 20 years. Galvanized steel should also last 20 years or more. Aluminum may last 30 years or more. Copper is the most expensive and potentially will last the life of the house.

The Importance of Maintaining Your Rain Gutter System

Proper maintenance is key. This includes cleaning twice a year, checking the system and fasteners, checking the alignment of drainpipes and the elbows, and viewing from the street to assure they continue to look good. Because seamless gutters don’t have the problems that can be caused by problems with seams, maintenance is easier.

Seamless gutters are most definitely not a DIY project. The gutters are fitted on site, and require special equipment and experience to do correctly. Gutters Unlimited has years of experience in installation and maintenance of seamless gutter systems. Our employees are experienced and well-trained. We’re fully insured and licensed, and we know how best to install and maintain gutter systems in our hot climate.

Our wonderful area of Sebastian FL is in a sub-tropical climate. Therefore, we have to deal with that fifty three inches of rain. Seamless gutters are the best way to handle the four and a half feet of rain pouring down on your roof each year. Gutters Unlimited is your source for seamless gutters in Sebastian. Give us a call. We offer Free Estimates!

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